Television studies after TV: Understanding Television in the post-broadcast era (2009)

Citation - Turner, G., & Tay, J. (Eds.). (2009). Television studies after tv: understanding television in the post-broadcast era: Routledge.

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  • Part one: What is television?
  • Part two: The function of post-broadcast television
    • Television and the nation: does this matter any more?
    • Between the public and the private: television frama and global partnerships in the neo-network era
    • Approach with caution and proceed with care: campaigning for the US presidency after TV
    • Reinventing television: the work of the innovation unit
  • Part three: Television and social change
    • Television culture with Chinese characteristics: the politics of compassion and education
    • Television in Chinese geo-linguistic markets: deregulation, reregulation and market forces in the post-broadcast era
    • Television in the Balkans: the rise of commercial nationalism
    • Anachronism, apologetics and Robin Hood: televisual nationhood after TV
  • Part four: Television content: what's on now
    • Latin America's impact on world television markets
    • Reasserting the national? Programme formats, international television and domestic culture
    • From monopoly to polyphony: India in the era of television
    • Fragmentation or consolidation? Factors in the Oprah-ization of social talk on multi-channel Arab TV
    • Globalizing televised culture: the case of China


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  • Berry, C., Kim, S., & Spigel, L. (Eds.). (2010). Electronic Elsewheres: Media, technology, and the experience of social space: University of Minnesota Press.

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