Context in information behavior research / Courtright(2007)

Citation - Courtright, C. (2007). Context in information behavior research. Annual review of information science and technology, 41(1).

Keyword - Information Behavior, context


  • Introduction
    • Terminology of Information Needs, Seeking, and Use
    • Equivalents of “Context”
  • INSU (Information Needs, Seeking, and Use) and the Challenge of Context
    • Bounding Context
    • Contextual Factors that Shape Information Practices
      • The Special Role of IT
    • The Ontological Status of Context
      • Context as “Container”
      • Context as Constructed Meaning: The Person in Context
      • Socially Constructed Context: The Social Actor
      • Relational Context: Embeddedness
      • Changing Context
  • Conclusions and Future Directions

Relative Literature