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Collaborative Information Behavior

CIB, one information behavior research topic,

related topics: computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW), co-browsing, collaborative information synthesis, collaborative filtering,

collaborative information seeking collaborative information retrieval social searching, concurrent search, collaborative exploratory search,


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    • Reddy, M. C., & Jansen, B. J. (2008): “Karamuftuoglu (1998) outlined the beginnings of a theoretical framework for understanding the collaborative nature of information seeking. The core of this framework is that information seeking is just as much about producing new knowledge — a creative and inventive activity — as it is about finding extant information. Karamuftuoglu addresses two knowledge functions of information retrieval (IR) systems. These IR systems should support transferring knowledge and creating new knowledge, where the latter is dependent on social networks and relations.”
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  • Design
  • Patent Office
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  • Education
    • CIB models, extending Kuhlthau’s Information Search Process model.
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  • Academic researchers
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  • Health care CIB:
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