Cognitive work analysis / Sanderson(1998)

Citation - Sanderson, P. (1998). Cognitive work analysis and the analysis, design, and evaluation of human-computer interactive systems. Paper presented at the Computer Human Interaction Conference, 1998. Proceedings. 1998 Australasian.

Keyword - cognitive work analysis, HCI


本文簡介認知工作分析(CWA)。 CWA 是一種分析、設計、評估人機互動(Human-Computer Interaction)系統的方法。此方法特別適用於複雜、高度技術性、社會技術性的系統。本文亦引介五篇討論論文,作為使用CWA的範例。


outline of cognitive work analysis

conceptual background and goal

cwa as modeling at multiple levels

work domain analysis

abstraction, aggregation, stakeholders

implication for interface design

modeling human activity

modeling role allocation

tools to support cwa



Author - Sanderson, P.

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