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Technology, Genres and Value Change / Paling & Nilan (2006)

Citation - Paling, S., & Nilan, M. (2006). Technology, genres, and value change: The case of little magazines. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 57(7), 862-872.

Keyword - genre, social_informatics

Producers in creative genres are frequently motivated by goals that put those producers in opposition to popular culture and marketplace pressures.

問題在於, 這些目標所反應的價值,是否只限於印刷文化?而在網路科技時代中,是否能會持續地鼓舞製作人?
Questions about whether those goals reflect values that belong specifically to print culture, or whether those values will continue to motivate producers in creative genres after the introduction of online technology, have not been answered empirically.

Previous studies of genre change have been among those that have focused on the ability of human actors to use information technology to alter those genres as social structures.

However, these studies have focused on generic artifacts rather than on the creative values that motivated the creation of those artifacts.

Editors of small literary magazines (generally referred to as little magazines) make ideal subjects for this study.

Creative values play an important role in their decisions, and they frequently publish poetry, fiction, and other work that stand in opposition to popular culture and literature.

本研究提出並評估一概念架構,了解編輯是否會採用網際網路技術,強化或更改價值的特徵。This study proposed and evaluated a conceptual framework for anticipating whether editors of little magazines will use online technologies to reinforce or alter the values characteristic of their genre.

研究發現,定位在此概念架構中的價值,能符合小報編輯主張的目標。The study found that the values posited in the conceptual framework fit the goals expressed by little magazine editors.

然而,並非所有編輯都持有相同的價值。本研究認為,創意文類的製作人能夠運用網際網路技術強化其創意價值。技術利用強化(intensifying use of technology)的概念為此差異提出了解釋。
Not all editors held those values equally, however. These findings suggest that producers in creative genres can use online technology in ways that actually reflect an intensification of those values. The concept of intensifying use of technology (IUT) was posited to explain the differences.




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