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genre [文體/文類]

genre = 類型(kind, sort)的法文,指的是文學的文體類型;並延伸到其他創作文化形式,如:音樂。


  • 語藝文類(Rhetorical genre),Miller (1984: 159) identified genres “as typified rhetorical actions based in recurrent situations.”
    • 修改 Bitzer 的語藝情境,擴張目的的定義,認為不是主觀(subjective)的也不是客觀(objective),而是一種社會知識:一種物體、事件、偏好、與目的的共同建構;不只是將它們連結在一起,也創造了他們:一種具體化的社會需求。為了回應這種具體化的社會需求,人們訂定各種類型的修辭文類活動。
      but rather “a form of social knowledge – a mutual construing of objects, events, interests, and purposes that not only links them but also makes them what they are: an objectified social need.” In response to this objectified social need, humans enact typical rhetorical practices or genres characterized by patterns of form and substance.
  • Bitzer 的語藝情境
    • exigence 目的(某事需要被完成)
    • an audience 聽者(被傳達或被影響的)
    • constraints 限制(構成情境的:人物、事件、對象、關係)