Introduction to book indexing / Law, M. D., 1970

Citation: Law, M. D. (1970). Introduction to book indexing. Indexer, 7(2), 46-48.


keyword: back-of-the-book_index, index



Role of the indexer

  • 當年的索引編製者似乎也沒有崇高的地位與收入
  • 改善人類理解

An index: its essential purpose

  1. Re-organize the information in the book to turn it inside out. The information has to be broken down, and re-assumbled into its component parts.
  2. The Table-of-Contnets is a summary of the author's plan of his book. An index is the indexer's plan of the information given by the author.

Qualifications for an indexer

Procedure for beginners

Then set to work


Some Do's and some Don'ts