Collaborative information seeking /Hertzum (2008)

Citation - Hertzum, M. (2008). Collaborative information seeking: The combined activity of information seeking and collaborative grounding. Information Processing & Management, 44(2), 957-962.

Keyword - Collaborative information behavior; Collaborative grounding; Common ground;


common ground: 共識 collaborative grounding: 謀求協作共識

由於共識是協同的關鍵,此文目的在於將協同資訊搜尋定義為資訊搜尋(information seeking)與謀求協作共識的結合活動。
Since common ground is pivotal to collaboration, this paper proposes to define collaborative information seeking as the combined activity of information seeking and collaborative grounding.

While information-seeking activities are necessary for collaborating actors to acquire new information, the activities involved in information seeking are often performed by varying subgroups of actors.

Consequently, collaborative grounding is necessary to share information among collaborating actors and, thereby, establish and maintain the common ground necessary for their collaborative work.

By focusing on the collaborative level, collaborative information seeking aims to avoid both individual reductionism and group reductionism, while at the same time recognizing that only some information and understanding need be shared.

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  • Collaborative information seeking 6 dimensions:
    • Purposes,
    • Types, that is the types of information sought
    • Roles, that is patterns of activities and responsibilities assumed by or assigned to actors,
    • Activities, that is prototypical actions and interactions performed by actors, such as specifying information needs (Bruce et al., 2003), assessing information sources (Hertzum, 2002), browsing (Twidale, Nichols, & Paice, 1997), people finding (Yiman-Seid & Kobsa, 2003), searching project files (Hertzum & Pejtersen, 2000), and consolidation meetings (Beyer & Holtzblatt, 1998).
    • Granularity
    • Coupling: