Information behavior / Fisher & Julien (2009)

Citation - Fisher, K. E., & Julien, H. (2009). Information behavior. Annual review of information science and technology, 43(1), 1-73.

Keyword - information behavior

回顧 2006-2009 資訊行為研究的進展。


  • 資訊科學領域主要期刊
    • The Library Quarterly
    • Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology
    • Journal of Documentation
    • Library and Information Science Research
    • Information Research
  • 資訊科學研討會論文集
    • Information Seeking in Context (ISIC)
    • Conceptions of Library and Information Science (CoLIS)
    • Library Research Seminar (LRS)
    • American Society of Information Science and Technology (AS1ST) and the Canadian Association for Information Science (CAlS).


  • 資訊行為研究的方法論
    • 近來的資訊行為研究方法主要來自於社會科學,以三角檢核的多元方法進行。訪談為最主要的方法。其他如調查(電話/網路)、觀察、後設分析、參與者日誌、論述分析(discourse analysis)、言談分析(conversation analysis)、建構主義取向的(Constructivist approaches)民族誌方法(ethnographic method)、(Tween Day Approach)。
  • 脈絡(context: a key variable)
    • Courtright(2007)對資訊行為研究中情境議題的回顧,包含了「場景(setting), 環境(environment), 資訊世界(information world), 生活世界(life world), 資訊地面(information ground)」
    • Johnson, Case, Andrews, Allard, and Johnson (2006)提出「場域」(field)來表示資訊尋求者行為的起點,作為當下情境的可承擔性(affordances of that situation)。
    • Kari and Savolainen (2007) 認為 context 是個人資訊尋求行為的動機
    • Hargittai and Hinnant (2006)聚焦於數位落差議題,從社會學觀點討論context,主張,資訊並不是確保可得性(availability)就能保證有可取用性(accessibility)。
    • Savelainen (2006b)、Slone (2007)時間對資訊尋求者的影響。
    • Fisher, Landry, and Naumer (2007) information ground: 人-地-資訊(people-place-information)的關係
Information behavior research that focuses on specific contexts, including both setting and the individual's situation, has been a mainstay of the field for decades; indeed, the literature has been criticized for its lack of both generalizability and theory building. Nevertheless, results of such studies often have local relevance and practical outcomes for improving information delivery systems. Moreover, rich, conceptual explorations into the nature of context from different perspectives have gained momentum in recent years and contributed to a maturation of the field.

* 人類因素 學術圈、科學家、學生 Academics, Scientists, and Students 職業團體 Occupational Groups 日常生活 People and Everyday Life: 非專業 * 人口統計變項: 年輕人、孩童、居家母親(stay-at-home mothers)、老年人、種族、族群 健康醫療

  • 資訊來源
    • 人際傳播、社會網絡、網際網絡
    • 圖書館
  • 資訊行為研究的概念
    • Gatekeeping, Lu (2007);
    • social type, Turner and Fisher (2006), Turner, Boyd, Burnett, Fisher, and Adlin (2007)
    • information practices, McKenzie (2006), Savolainen (2007)
    • collaborative information behavior, Talja and Hansen (2006)
    • task, Bartlett and Toms (2005), Bystrom (2007), Hyldegard and Ingwersen (2007)
    • user-centered, Talja and Hartel (2007)
    • user presented in written research report, McKechnie, Julien, Pecobskie, and Dixon (2006)
    • information organization, Cole and Leide (2006)
    • non-linearity seeking, Foster (2006)
    • multitasking, Spink, Park, and Cole (2006), Spink and Park (2005)
    • information need, Naumer and Fisher (in press)
    • information identification, acquisition, and utilization, Kraaijenbrink (2007)
    • temporality and spatiality, Downey (2007)
    • pleasurable, Kari and Hartel (2007)
    • PIM, Jones and Teevan (2007)
    • Affect
    • Conceptual Frameworks


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