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Looking for information / Case (2007)

Citation - Case, D. O. (2007). Looking for information: A survey of research on information seeking, needs, and behavior: Emerald Group Pub Ltd.

Keyword - information behavior

basic definitions

  • Information can be any difference you perceive, in your environment or within yourself. It is any aspect that you notice in the pattern of reality.
  • An information need is a recognition that your knowledge is inadequate to satisfy a goal that you have.
  • Information seeking is a conscious effort to acquire information in response to a need or gap in your knowledge.
  • Information behavior (hereafter, “IB”) encompasses information seeking as well as the totality of other unintentional or passive behaviors (such as glimpsing or encountering information), as well as purposive behaviors that do not involve seeking, such as actively avoiding information.
    「資訊行為」涵蓋「資訊尋求」, 其他非意圖性或主動行為(如瞥見, 資訊偶遇, 等), 以及其他不包含尋求的有目的行為, 如主動迴避資訊。