ATLAS/ti 是由德國柏林科技大學(Technical University of Berlin, Germany)為了一個跨學科的研究計畫 ATLAS(Archive for Technology, the Lifeworld, and Everyday Language)所開發的。

.ATLAS/ti is designed to offer qualitative oriented social researchers support for their activities involving the interpretation of text. This includes the capacity to deal with large amounts of texts, as well as the management of annotations, concepts, and complex structures including conceptual relationships that emerge in the process of interpretation. | ATLAS/ti 是被設計來協助質性導向社會研究者的文字解釋活動。這些活動包括了處理大量文字的能力,以及管理在解釋程序中出現的註記、概念、與概念關係之複雜結構。(Muhr, 1991)

軟體的設計主要受到「Grounded theory」的概念、術語、與方法論的影響。但也不限於只能用在此一種方法論上。

Features overview

  • Coding of text, image, audio and video materials (interactive and automated)
  • Rich Text and Rich Media support with embedded active objects (MS Excel, images, etc, incl. East Asian and Middle Eastern language)
  • Interactive margin area with drag & drop linking, coding, merging
  • Search & retrieve functions (incl. Boolean, semantic, and proximity-based operators)
  • Visual model building and “mind mapping” (Network Editor)
  • Creation and navigation of hyperlinks between resources (Hypertext)
  • Searching for textual patterns (Object Crawler )
  • Semi-automatic coding with multi-string text search and professional pattern matching (“GREP”)
  • Proximity analysis of coded data (Cooccurrency Explorer)
  • Project data export to SPSS, HTML, XML, CSV
  • Creation of presentations (XML/XSLT converter)

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