Information Architecture / Turnbull & Dillon (2006)

Citation - Turnbull, D., & Dillon, A. (2006). Information Architecture. in Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, Second Edition. New York: Marcel-Dekker.

Keyword - Information Architecture


  • 資訊架構是最近在圖書資訊科學(LIS)社群中,令人興奮的發展之一,主要是由於使用了資訊設計與管理的方法,而受到其他領域的注目。
  • 「資訊架構(information architect)」一詞是由Richard Wurman在 1975 所創,闡釋為了人們的需要,而將資料轉化為有意義的資訊。雖然並非新的概念,但確實這是初次提出這個目前廣被使用的IA一詞。
    The term, ‘‘information architecture’’ (IA), was coined by Richard Wurman in 1975 to describe the need to transform data into meaningful information for people to use, a not entirely original idea, but certainly a first-time conjunction of the terms into the now common IA label.
  • 由於網際網路的興起,人們對網路中的資訊組織與架構的興趣,掩蓋了 Wurman 原本期望的想法。
    Wurman’s vision of a new field lay dormant for the most part until the emergence of the World Wide Web in the 1990s, when interest in information organization and structures became widespread.

Background information:

  • Rosenfeld & Morville
    • Rosenfeld & Morville 1998 的出版後,成為IA實務界中最廣為人知的著作。然而,這本書的目標只是在於「將建築與圖書館學的原理應用到網頁設計當中」。這樣的主張涵蓋了很多議題,同時又限縮了應用領域,隱含著資訊架構等同於網頁環境。這樣的想法從此廣為資訊架構領域的人所接受。
      The Rosenfeld and Morville text was aimed at, in its own words, ‘‘applying the principles of architecture and library science to web site design,’’ an ambition that is simultaneously broad in its coverage of issues but narrow in its application domain, implying that IA has no role in non-Web environments, which has largely been taken as a given by most people in IA since.
    • 這本書教導著如何建立網站與內部網站,以協助管理與資訊增長所需,因而只著重於實務而非理論研究。
      its focus is on the practical rather than theoretical domain, with guidance on how to implement web sites and intranets that support management and growth of information.
  • IA Summit 的成立
  • IA 的專業組織: IAI
  • 課程與學位
  • 實務界人才的來源:
    • LIS
    • technical writing and graphic design. Skills in clear communication of ideas, structuring information flow, representing information, etc
    • user experience or usability background


  • Rosenfield and Morville 4 def
  • Dillon def:
    Dillon offered a broad definition that attempted to accommodate the diversity of approaches by defining IA as ‘‘the process of designing, implementing, and evaluating information spaces that are humanly and socially acceptable to their intended stakeholders.’’1)
  • Dillon: IA as craft rather than engineering. 2)


  • Creating Content Organization Systems
  • Creating Semantic Organization Systems
  • Creating Navigation Systems
  • Creating Interaction Designs
  • Information Architecture as Process

Research Issues in IA

IA 的應用

  • www
  • Intranet
  • Vertical Markets
  • Digital Libraries
  • Semantic Web

IA 的未來


1) , 2)
Dillon, A. (2002). Information architecture in JASIST? J. Am. Soc. Inf. Sci. Technol. 53 (10), 821–823.