The Social TV Phenomenon: New Technologies Look to Enhance Television’s Role as an Enabler of Social Interaction / Torrez-Riley (2011)

Citation - Torrez-Riley, J. (2011). The Social TV Phenomenon: New Technologies Look to Enhance Television’s Role as an Enabler of Social Interaction.

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  • 電視在參與社會互動中所扮演的角色;及這個碎片化與時間平移觀看的新時代,如何改變電視的角色。
    This paper provides a historical perspective of television’s role in engaging social interaction, and looks at how a new era of fragmented consumption and time-shifted viewing has altered this role.
  • 從歷史觀點,就目前線上與行動應用軟體的發展趨勢,說明社會電視(Social TV)的技術演化與次螢幕的興起。這些軟體的目的都是增進觀眾在看電視時的社會互動與參與。
  • 透過對過往原型的研究,定義建立社會電視應用軟體有哪些主要的元件,如周遭環境展現(? ambient display)與觀眾連結性(viewer connectedness)。
    Research of past prototypes is examined to define the primary components needed to create a successful Social TV application like ambient display and viewer connectedness.
  • 分析新的社會電視互動應用,如 GetGlue, Miso, IntoNow, TVplus
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  • 電視媒體
    • 電視媒體的單向性
      • Thompson 1): 電視被認為一種單向的、非互動性的媒體,而觀眾能做的有限。
        Television has received an unfair assessment in the realm of interactive media. It is often considered anti-social, escapist, and only “quasi-interactive,” meaning it is limited in how much users, or in TV’s case viewers, can contribute (Thompson, 1995).
    • 電視媒體的社會性
      • 成為美國家庭的核心角色
        In a short amount of time, television began to play a central role in American homes (Huston et al., 1992)
      • 前晚電視節目內容,成為辦公室飲水器旁的談話主題。
        Last night’s television programming became a regular topic of conversation around the office water-cooler (Nathan et al., 1991).
    • 電視媒體互動性:
      • 1940s 電子火爐 “electronic hearth” as early as the 1940s (Tichi, 1991).
      • (Nathan, Harrison, Yarosh, & Terveen, 20082)).
      • 觀眾投票
      • 利用網際網絡的線上互動工具,如問答、投票、留言功能


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