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Citation - Ronald, L. L. (2009). iSchools. In M. J. Bates & M. N. Maack (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, Third Edition (pp. 3018-3023). NY, USA: Taylor & Francis.

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identity of IS (information studies)

  • Orlikowski & Iacono (Information System) 認為資訊技術研究的理論過程,基於五種概念化的觀點
    • 工具觀點 Tool view (e.g., a productivity enhancer).
    • 代理觀點 Proxy view (e.g., surrogate measures such as return on investment).
    • 偕同觀點 Ensemble view (e.g., technology embedded in a socioeconomic system).
  • * 運算觀點 Computational view (e.g., models and algorithms).
    • 名義觀點 Nominal view (e.g., studies of broad impacts such as outsourcing).
  • Ron Weber(Information System): the identity of a discipline is established through the contributions it makes to theory
  • Benbasat & Zmud (Information System)
  • Robert Galliers (Information System)
  • DeSanctis (Information System)
  • Daniel Robey (Information System)
  • John King and Kalle Lyytinen (Information System)


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