Pervasive information architecture / Resmini & Rosati(2011)

Citation - Resmini, A., & Rosati, L. (2011). Pervasive Information Architecture: Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences. Burlington, MA: Morgan Kaufmann.

Keyword - information architecture


Foundations 基礎知識與理解

From Multi-channel to Cross-channel

Jesse James Garrett's User Experience Elements Diagram, 區分兩種不同使用者經驗管道: “Web as software” 與 “Web as hyperlink”。當網際網路作為工具與功能時,需要有 IxD(Interaction design),而當網際網路作為內容溝通媒體時,需要有IA(Information architecture)。這種區分無法解決當代跨頻道設計的問題。

“These are the blueprint for building a silo, and it's OK if you are developing one single artifact. It still works like a charm. But what happens if you have more than one? What happens if your design has to consider more than one media or platform? What happens when your design is cross-channel?”

Towards a Pervasive Information Architecture | 邁向普適的資訊架構

  • 無所不包的 UX, Boersma 的 T-model of UX

Heuristics 竅門

Heuristics for a Pervasive Information Architecture

Place-making 營造空間

Consistency 一致性

Resilience 可伸縮性/彈性

Reduction 縮減

Correlation 相互關聯

Synthesis 綜合

Designing Cross-channel User Experiences


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