the social construction of facts and artifacts / Pinch t. Bijker (1987)

Citation - Pinch, T., & Bijker, W. E. (1987). The social construction of facts and artifacts: Or how the sociology of science and the sociology of technology might benefit each other. In W. E. Bijker, T. P. Hughes & T. J. Pinch (Eds.), The social construction of technological systems (pp. 17-50). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Keyword - STS, SCOT, ANT

Pinch 1987, - EPOR, 三個階段: 彈性、限制、終止 (bob-indexing 設計的終止 in Taiwan) - Social Construction of Technology(SCOT) – Artifect – relevant social group: [how identify] -p.35 – problem – solution = artifect

compare SCOT to ANT - actent, actor | artifect, social group - black box, inmutable moble | closure, stabilization - interest, translation | problem (problem-solving) - inscribe | stabilization-closure - 被使用(行動)的現象(ex:輪胎,踏板,座墊) | 不同具體的腳踏車(artifact)



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