Ecological perspective on digital libraries / O'Day & Nardi (2003)

Citation - O'Day, V. L., & Nardi, B. A. (2003). An Ecological Perspective on Digital Libraries. In A. P. Bishop, N. A. Van House & B. P. Buttenfield (Eds.), Digital Library Use: Social Practice in Design and Evaluation (pp. 65-82). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Keyword - social_informatics, information_ecology

  • 對技術的隱喻
    • as a tool
    • as a text
    • as a assistant (critical: only focus on individual user)
    • as a system
    • as a ecology
  • 技術的生態觀點,的觀察重點
    • diversity | 多樣性
    • locality | 地域性
    • keystone species | 關鍵物種
    • co-evolution | 共同演進
  • 對圖書館服務的生態觀點解讀:透明性(transparency)
    • 透明性(transparency): 不被使用者知覺到服務。
    • 參考服務晤談
    • 館員的檢索策略
    • 多重檢索間的內在連繫
  • 根據資訊生態學觀點,檢視數位圖書館的設計
    • diversity | 多樣性
      • Who makes digital libraries work? Who shapes content and access?
      • What paths exist to a digital library collection?
      • What are the complementary low-tech tools?
      • What are the bridges between the physical and digital worlds?
    • locality | 地域性
      • How could a digital library collection be tailored for the different information ecologiesin which it is used?
      • What opportunities can digital library collections offer for different online organizationsand presentations of content?
    • keystone species | 關鍵物種
      • What roles can librarians play for digital library collections and services?
      • What needs exist for mediators of different kinds?
    • co-evolution | 共同演進
      • What happens to the reference interview?
      • How will digital library services adapt to the common pattern of extended interconnected searches?
      • What happens to paper? How do new and old tools inter-operate?
      • How do digital libraries coexist with physical libraries?
  • (conclusion) Ecological thinking