The impact of the socio-economic crisis of 2001 on the scientific system of Argentina from the scientometric perspective / Miguel, Moya-Anegón & Herrero-Solana (2010)

Citation - Miguel, S., Moya-Anegón, F., & Herrero-Solana, V. (2010). The impact of the socio-economic crisis of 2001 on the scientific system of Argentina from the scientometric perspective. Scientometrics, 85(2), 495-507.

以科學計量的觀點, 探討 阿根廷 2001 社會經濟危機對其科學系統的影響

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The present study does so by means of a set of scientometric indicators that reflect economic effort, human resources dedicated to research, publications, collaborative relations, and the international visibility of scientific contributions.


  • 研發經費 與 人力資源 指標(R&D expenditure and human resources indicators)
    • 國民研發經費毛額 GERD (Gross Domestic Expenditures on Research and Development): 國民生產毛額(GDP)中的研發比例
    • Res & GrRec FTE: 研發人員全時約當數 (Full Time Equivalence;FTE) 從事該項工作人數,折算為全時間從事該項工作的人數
    • Res & GrRec per thousand of the EAP: 每千人中從事研究與獎助的人數(Economically Active Population, EAP)
  • 產出指標 (Output indicators)
    • 被WoS收錄的文獻數與比例 Docs in WoS & % Docs in WoS: number and percentage of documents in a time period. All types of documents included in WoS are considered.
    • 被WoS收錄的學術期刊論文數量與比例 Articles in WoS journals & % Articles in WoS journals: number and percentage of scientific articles and reviews included in WoS are considered.
    • 國內與國外期刊收錄的論文數量 Articles in domestic and foreign journals:
  • 績效指標 (Performance indicators)
    • 科學生產力。WoS收錄文獻數/研發人員全時約當數 Prod: this index measures scientific productivity, the relation between output and the human resources dedicated to R&D activities. Its formula is: IProd = Docs in WoS/Res & GrRec FTE.
    • 科學生產效率。WoS收錄文獻數/國民研發經費毛額 Effic: it gauges efficiency, calculated as the quotient between expenditure in R&D and output. It is meant to reflect the cost, for the country, of each scientific contribution, through the formula Effic = Docs in WoS/GERD (millions in national currency).
  • 共同協作指標 (Collaboration indicators)
    • 共同作者指數,每份在WoS中文獻的作者數量;只計算國際合作 CoAut: this indicator, known as the co-authorship index, represents the average number of authors per Docs in WoS. We pay special attention to international collaboration, calculated as documents with at least one Argentine address and at least one non-Argentine address.
  • 影響指標 (Impact indicators)
    • 學術貢獻能見度。由ISI影響力指數導出,計算阿根廷與全球學術影響力相比的水準。 IFR: this is a relative measure of the visibility of scientific contributions derived from the ISI impact factor (IF).


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