The structure of scientific revolutions / Kuhn (1962)

Citation - Kuhn, T. S. (1962). The structure of scientific revolutions. Chicago: University of Chicago press.

中譯本: Kuhn, T. S.(2004)。科學革命的結構(The structure of scientific revolutions)(王道還譯)。台北市:遠流。

Keyword - Scientific philosophy


  • Preface
  • I: Introduction: A Role for History
  • II: The Route to Normal Science
  • III: The Nature of Normal Science
  • IV: Normal Science as Puzzle-solving
  • V: The Priority of Paradigms
  • VI: Anomaly and the Emergence of Scientific Discoveries
  • VII: Crisis and the Emergence of Scientific Theories
  • VIII: The Response to Crisis
  • IX: The Nature and Necessity of Scientific Revolutions
  • X: Revolutions as Changes of World View
  • XI: The Invisibility of Revolutions
  • XII: The Resolutions of Revolutions
  • XIII: Progress through Revolutions