Bibliographic coupling and its application to research-front and other core documents / Jarneving(2007)

Citation - Jarneving, B. (2007). Bibliographic Coupling and Its Application to Research-Front and Other Core Documents. Journal of Informetrics, 1 (4): 287-307.

Keyword - Bibliographic coupling, bibliometrics


  • 根據理論與先前研究發現,書目耦合能配合叢集分析成為一種繪製科學地圖的方法,目前主要被稱為共引叢集分析法(co-citation cluster analytical method)。
    Based on previous findings and theoretical considerations, it was suggested that bibliographic coupling could be combined with a cluster method to provide a method for science mapping, complementary to the prevailing co-citation cluster analytical method.
    • 為了達成此目的,假定適合的叢集方法是完整連結叢集方法
      The complete link cluster method was on theoretical grounds assumed to provide a suitable cluster method for this purpose.
  • 此研究的目的是驗證此方法找出研究主題的能力
    The objective of the study was to evaluate the proposed method’s capability to identify coherent research themes.
    • 應用在一個超過 600,000 份文件與 17,000,000 個參考書目的大型跨學科測試集中,此方法與地圖的雙線一致(?)
      Applying a large multidisciplinary test bed comprising more than 600,000 articles and 17 million references, the proposed method was tested in accordance with two lines of mapping.
    • 地圖繪製的第一條線上,所有顯著(強)連結接合了不同的「核心文件」(經常被耦合的文件)們,成為一個叢集。
      In the first line of mapping, all significant (strong) links connecting ‘core documents’ (strongly and frequently coupled documents) in clusters with any other core document was mapped.
      • 此結果
        This resulted in a depiction of all significant artificially broken links between core documents in a cluster and core documents extrinsic to that cluster.
    • 地圖繪製的第二條線只有在叢集間的連結。
      The second line of mapping involved the application of links between clusters only.
      • 這些連結將叢集結合為兩種不同層次的融合,第一個叢集成為第二個叢集的對象,而第二代的叢集融合為最終的叢集。
        They were used to successively merge clusters on two subsequent levels of fusion, where the first generation of clusters were considered objects for a second clustering, and the second generation of clusters gave rise to a final cluster fusion.
      • 透過不同變數檢驗三種不同層次改變叢集的組合。發現此方法儘管存在一些應用上的限制,但能夠對當前的研究提供有效的描繪。
        Changes of cluster composition on the three levels were evaluated with regard to several variables. Findings showed that the proposed method could provide with valid depictions of current research, though some severe restrictions would adhere to its application.



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