Information ethics / Floridi (1999)

Citation - Floridi, L. (1999). Information ethics: on the philosophical foundation of computer ethics. Ethics and Information Technology, 1(1), 33-52.

Keyword - information ethics


電腦倫理學(CE)的哲學立場有著本質上的困難,原因在於方法論上的問題:人們無法簡單地採用標準倫理理論來處理電腦倫理學的問題。 而,資訊倫理學(IE)被視為一種「適用於特定環境」的倫理學或是資訊空間的倫理學,是電腦倫理哲學基礎的對照物。 對資訊實體(entity)與資訊空間來說,何者是善?這是資訊倫理學所問的倫理性問題。而答案則由極簡論的應得(deserts)理論所提供:IE 認為,有比生活與痛苦更基本的東西,被稱為存有,被理解為資訊與熵。 任何資訊實體都被確認為最低限度道德要求的中心, 最低限道德要求 值得識別 與 應當協助規範所涉及的資訊程序的實行。 IE 不只能夠為電腦倫理學,也能夠為所有概念與道德現象的倫理探討,提供有價值的觀點。

The essential difficulty about Computer Ethics' (CE) philosophical status is a methodological problem: standard ethical theories cannot easily be adapted to deal with CE-problems, which appear to strain their conceptual resources, and CE requires a conceptual foundation as an ethical theory. Information Ethics (IE), the philosophical foundational counterpart of CE, can be seen as a particular case of “environmental” ethics or ethics of the infosphere. What is good for an information entity and the infosphere in general? This is the ethical question asked by IE. The answer is provided by a minimalist theory of deserts: IE argues that there is something more elementary and fundamental than life and pain, namely being, understood as information, and entropy, and that any information entity is to be recognised as the centre of a minimal moral claim, which deserves recognition and should help to regulate the implementation of any information process involving it. IE can provide a valuable perspective from which to approach, with insight and adequate discernment, not only moral problems in CE, but also the whole range of conceptual and moral phenomena that form the ethical discourse.


Luciano Floridi,旅英意大利學者,目前系英國牛津大學聖十字學院的高級研究員,英國赫特福德大學哲學系信息哲學首席研究員兼正教授。Floridi於 2006年被選為國際計算與哲學協會主席,並在2007年連任。他是著名刊物Synthese的主編,同時也是信息倫理小組(IEG)這個牛津大學跨系的創始人和協調人。其主要研究信息哲學、計算機倫理學和認識論與邏輯哲學等問題,並已經在國際上著名刊物上發表了70餘篇有關信息哲學、技術哲學、信息與計算機倫理、認識論、邏輯哲學以及懷疑論哲學史方面的論著,這些刊物包括Archivfür Geschichte der Philosophie, British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Erkenntnis, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research等。目前已出版及正在撰寫的著作包括《懷疑論及認識論的基礎——元邏輯繆誤的研究》、《哲學與計算導論》和《信息哲學》等,主編的著作包括《Blackwell計算與信息哲學指導》、《信息與計算機倫理手冊》等。(2008.9, from