The public value of nanotechnology? / Fisher, et. al.(2010)

Citation - Fisher, E., Slade, C., Anderson, D., & Bozeman, B. (2010). The public value of nanotechnology? Scientometrics, 85(1), 29-39.

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  • 背景/動機:
    • 新科技政策 取決於 能帶來多少公共價值。但新科技政策評估往往只限於經濟面向。
    • 透過公共價值參照(public value mapping, PVM)的公共價值研究缺乏廣被接受且有系統的方法,檢視新科技的價值結構與其公共政策制定過程,特別當此決策過程涉及不同的利害關係團體。
    • 研究 奈米科技政策
  • 假定:能由政策過程文獻,發現不同層次利害關係團體詮釋與理論意義化的公共價值
    the content of these NSE documents will reveal diverse public values, ordered in ways across the three levels of stakeholder subgroups that will be interpretable and theoretically meaningful (i.e. values will cluster in ways that can be related to current PVM and NSE literature).
  • 方法:量化分析 奈米科技政策 的 價值陳述。
    • 收集政策文獻資料
    • NVivo (NVIVO 2009): searching for 84 science value terms (Lacey 1999) across this collection of public NSE documents.
    • STATA (STATA 2009): Principal Components Analysis, Factor analysis
  • 資料:
    • 1,020 documents with over 100,000 page
    • from
      • US House of Representatives science and technology committee staff member;
      • NSF senior advisors, program officers and staff; researchers familiar with the NSF;
      • laboratory directors actively funded by the NSF to conduct NSE
  • 發現:由在奈米科技政策網絡中 各種角色(國會、國科會、實驗室) 所引用 的 公共價值因素結構。
    • PCA: 發現三種主要公共價值因素
      1. 社會與經濟: Society and Economy: 26 terms, 33% variance explained.
      2. 安全與國防: Security and Defense: 6 terms, 10% variance explained.
      3. 能源與環境: Energy and Environment: 7 terms, 8.6% variance explained.