Note on R&D expenditures and fixed capital formation / De Marchi & Rocchi(2010)

Citation - De Marchi, M., & Rocchi, M. (2010). Note on R&D expenditures and fixed capital formation. Scientometrics, 85(2), 489-494.

Keyword -


  • 固定資本 在 研發 科學技術知識 中 的功用。
  • 研發 的開支 來自固定投資
  • 實徵研究顯示 產業研發 開支 與 形成固定資本有關
  • 結論:對 研究與創新經濟 的 投資分析 可以更精準
  • In this paper we deal with the fixed capital nature of the means of production and labour employed in research and development which generate scientific and technological knowledge.
  • We argue that these R&D current expenditures typically have the nature of fixed investments.
  • We then present an empirical analysis which shows that expenditures on industrial R&D are more strongly linked to the formation of fixed capital than to the formation of capital in general.
  • Applying this conclusion to the economics of research and innovation would make it possible to analyse investments in the production of scientific and technological knowledge with a higher degree of clarity and precision.



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