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Thinking for a living (思考型工作者) / Davenport, 2005

Citation - Thomas Davenport

Keyword - knowledge management

  • For knowledge workers, Davenport outlined five customizable approaches for intervening in and improving knowledge work:
    • Process and Measurement, 知識活動的程序: A three-step model for matching different knowledge activities—creating, distributing, or applying knowledge—to specific process interventions. 創造知識、散佈知識、應用知識
    • Organizational Technology, 組織性技術: Alternatives to company-wide knowledge repositories, including strategies such as embedding knowledge into the knowledge workers’ job process, performance support and role-specific portals, automated decision-making processes, and more. 組織的知識倉儲、鑲嵌於知識工作者工作過程中的策略、支援性個人資訊入口、自動決策技術、等
    • Personal Technologies, 個人性技術: Strategies for utilizing technologies such as PDA’s, instant messaging, pagers, laptops, and other devices to help individual knowledge workers to process information and knowledge more effectively and efficiently. 個人數位助理(PDA)、IM、筆記型電腦、等等協助知識工作者更有效且迅速的處理資訊與知識的設備
    • Social Networks, 社會網絡: Ways to facilitate collaborative networks through which high-performing knowledge workers can quickly find and share valuable information 能尋找與分享有價值資訊的知識工作者網絡
    • The Physical Workspace, 實體的工作空間: Ideas for rethinking the physical work environment in ways that optimize the performance of various types of knowledge workers.



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