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 === 學派 === === 學派 ===
 * [[:​people:​Karl Mannheim]] * [[:​people:​Karl Mannheim]]
-* 現象社會學 Phenomenological Sociology: [[:​people:​Alfred Schutz]], [[:​people:​Peter L. Berger]], [[:​people:​Thomas Luckmann]]+* 現象社會學 Phenomenological Sociology: [[:people:Alfred Schutz|Alfred Schutz]], [[:​people:​Peter L. Berger]], [[:​people:​Thomas Luckmann]]
 * [[:​people:​Michel Foucault]] * [[:​people:​Michel Foucault]]
 * [[:​people:​Bruno Latour]] * [[:​people:​Bruno Latour]]