Language as a way of knowledge / Nystrand (1997)

Citation - Nystrand, M.(ed.)(1977). Language as a way of knowledge. Toronto: The Ontario institute for studiees in education.

Knowing by structuring

structure by uttering

  • Britton, James. (1970). Language and experience: the power of language to create map or representation of world and self.
  • Gursdorf. (). : individuals use language to “call the world into being” the act of naming is a intensely creative one.
  • Lewis and Benveniste . (). : the phenomenological aspects of language involved in human injection into the world.
  • Applebee. (). : conversion and articulation.
  • Nystrand. (). : heuristic and explicative uses of language.
  • Wiederspiel. (). Case study of a personal journal : to answer what happens to individuals when they write, and draw from this exercise some pedagogical implications.