John Desmond Bernal

  • x-ray crystallography & molecular biology
    X光晶體學 分子生物學
  • history of science
  • Intellectual
  • Marxist in philosophy
  • Communist in politics

Lysenko 事件

4 Scientific archives

Bernal's 4 types of scientific archive:

  1. ephemeral notices of daily laboratory life, such as accounts of new discoveries, techniques, meetings, and discussions;
  2. handbooks and popular works on science, relating scientific progress to common human needs and aspirations;
  3. ““old-style”” journals, serving the limited purpose of giving the latest news from the world of research and discussing the social impact of scientific discoveries; and
  4. detailed, comprehensive reports and monographs documenting the advancement of each singular field of science over time as well as the interrelationships of various fields.

SCI 與 Bernal

  • the idea of a central service for the selective dissemination of current scientific information.
    以另一個方式實現 Bernal 選粹與科學資訊服務的想法
  • In the early stages of the SCI , Bernal served on its editorial advisory board.
    SCI的初期, Bernal 擔任其編輯諮詢委員
  • He also wrote a review of Garfield’’s Index
    評論 Garfield 的索引:缺乏若干高品質期刊,但嘉許其跨學科基礎與設計