information behavior in the context of improving patient safety / MacIntosh-Murray & Choo (2005)

Citation - MacIntosh-Murray, A., & Choo, C. W. (2005). Information Behavior in the Context of Improving Patient Safety. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 56(12), 1332-1345.

Keyword -

  • This study examines how organizational and professional practices and beliefs related to patient safety influence
    • (1) how health care providers and managers make sense of patient safety risks and adverse events, and
    • (2) the flow and use of information for making improvements.
  • Finding:
    • front-line staff are task driven, coping with heavy workloads that limit their attention to and recognition of potential information needs and knowledge gaps.
    • a surrogate in an information related role—an “information/change agent”—may intervene successfully with staff and engage in preventive maintenance and repair of routines.
  • Discusses:
    • Four key functions of the information/change agent (i.e., boundary spanner, information seeker, knowledge translator, and change champion) in the context of situated practice and learning.




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