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 +==Main entry [主款目]==
 +Svenonius (2000(([[:​study:​Svenonius,​ E. (2000). The intellectual foundation of information organization]]. MIT press. p.95))) 認為主款目(main entry)的定義混亂而分歧,包含了以下三種不同的定義:
 +* 對文件的描述(這個意義已經不再被使用) \\ A description of a document, in particular its full description (a meaning that is now obsolete);
 +* 最常被取用的文件屬性,或稱為主檢索點,通常是人名、團體名、題名 \\ The attribute of a document by which it is most often accessed, its so-called main access point, such as a person, corporate body, or title.
 +* 作品的正規化題名 \\ A work, which is designated either by a normalized name title or by a normalized title.
 +== Metadata/​Backlinks ​
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