On user studies and information needs / Wilson (1981)

Citation - Wilson, T. D. (1981). On user studies and information needs. Journal of Documentation, 37(1), 3-15.

URL - http://informationr.net/tdw/publ/papers/1981infoneeds.html

  • user study –> information user, information-seeking behaviour.
  • look for the motivation of information-seeking behaviour – information needs
  • define “information”: there are no only definition about information in LIS
    • “These multiple uses of the term 'information' cause confusion because researchers sometimes fail to distinguish between one sense and another, or simply leave the reader to discover which sense is meant by reading the paper or report. Even then it is sometimes unclear which of the senses the researcher had in mind when setting the research objectives.”
  • propose 3 models:
    • a model of information behaviour
    • The context of information seeking
    • Information needs and seeking



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