How users assess web pages for information seeking / Tombros, Ruthven & Jose (2005)

Citation - Tombros, A., Ruthven, I., & Jose, J. M. (2005). How users assess web pages for information seeking. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 56(4), 327-344.

Keyword - information seeking behavior


  • 背景/動機:
    • 研究網際網路搜尋者評估網頁相關性的基準
      we investigate the criteria used by online searchers when assessing the relevance of Web pages for information-seeking tasks.
  • 假定:
  • 方法:
    • 24位參與者各進行3項任務,並指出他們從哪些點評估一個網頁對搜尋任務有用與否
      Twenty-four participants were given three tasks each, and they indicated the features of Web pages that they used when deciding about the usefulness of the pages in relation to the tasks.
    • 這些任務都是模擬與受測者工作相關的情境
      These tasks were presented within the context of a simulated work-task situation.
    • 我們探究參與者所指出網頁特徵(內容、架構、品質)的相關效用,與這些特徵在搜尋的不同階段中對不同搜尋任務的影響
      We investigated the relative utility of features identified by participants (Web page content, structure, and quality) and how the importance of these features is affected by the type of information-seeking task performed and the stage of the search.
  • 資料:(N/A)
  • 發現:
    • 研究結果提出一組搜尋者評估不同任務類型的網頁效用基準
      The results of this study provide a set of criteria used by searchers to decide about the utility of Web pages for different types of tasks.
    • 此基準可應用在搜尋系統的設計上
      Such criteria can have implications for the design of systems that use or recommend Web pages.


  • 抽樣:由學生maillist中便利抽樣
  • 資料收集
    • Camtasia 錄製操作行為
    • Think-aloud
    • 任務前後都有問卷
    • 前測:對任務主題的熟悉度
    • 後測:
      • (1) 自評任務完成度 to measure the participants’ perception of task completion;
      • (2) 對任務的評價 to examine whether participants found the task topic clear, easy, interesting, familiar, relevant to themselves, and stressful, as well as to examine whether their searching behavior during the task was similar to their normal searching behavior;
      • (3) 對內容要素重要性的評估 to assess the participants’ perception of importance of certain aspects of the Web pages they viewed (e.g., text, multimedia, layout, knowledge of the topic) in terms of helping them to determine the usefulness of pages.
  • 24人分兩組,一組每個任務15分鐘,另一組30分鐘。因為前12人進行後發現時間不夠大部分人無法完成,因此才增加時間。
  • 任務設計
    • 提供虛擬任務情境 Task scenario: (如:應徵一個網頁設計工作,了解設計對象)
    • 三項任務
      • 事實搜尋 Background search: find information on the demographics of the Internet.
      • 決策任務 Decision task: decide on the best hi-fi speakers available in their own price range.
      • 相關興趣搜尋 Many items task: compile a list of interesting things to do over a weekend in the city of Kyoto