The emergence of social science research on nanotechnology / Shapira, Youtie & Porter(2010)

Citation - Shapira, P., Youtie, J., & Porter, A. (2010). The emergence of social science research on nanotechnology. Scientometrics, 85(2), 595-611.

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對 奈米科技 進行社會科學研究的興起


  • 探討針對奈米科技的社會科學研究。
    • 研究基於以下命題:早期社會科學 針對 新興科技 的研究 會著重於 技術的科學與工程文獻,研究新興科技的探索活動。但一旦技術與社會投資進入,社會科學家將會轉為重視文獻本身。
      It is guided by the exploratory proposition that early social science work on emerging technologies will draw on science and engineering literature on the technology in question to frame its investigative activities, but as the technologies and societal investments in them progress, social scientists will increasingly develop and draw on their own body of literature.
    • 為了論證此命題,作者 由WoS社會科學引文索引與Scopus的藝術與人文引文索引中 建立了 奈米科技-社會科學文獻 資料庫。結果包含了 308 筆紀錄。
      To address this proposition the authors create a database of nanotechnology-social science literature by merging articles from the Web of Science’s Social Science Citation Index and Arts and Humanities Citation Index with articles from Scopus. The resulting database comprises 308 records.
  • 研究結論:引用文獻行為的多元;社會科學引用其他社會科學家的作品由2005起增加。
    The findings suggest that there are multiple dimensions of cited literature and that social science citations of other social scientists’ works have increased since 2005.