The rise and fall and rise again of information architecture / Royce, B. (2011)

Citation - Royce, B. (2011). The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Information Architecture: An Interested Observer's Perspective. Paper presented at the Europe Information Architecture Summit 2011. Retrieved from

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  • Meaningless information Shannon’s theory of information (which information engineering is concerned): “meaning is irrelevant”. vs. Meaningful information.
  • 60年代的「資訊架構」指的是在 Shannon 脈絡下的「非意義資訊歷程」
    “in the 1960s within the context of Shannon’s “meaningless” information processing.”
  • 資訊架構定義:像工業時代的建築師一樣,透過計畫與藍圖將原始素材轉變為有組織的結構,使人們可以在當中工作、娛樂、生活。在這個資訊時代中,資訊架構師規劃、設計與建立數位空間的架構與藍圖。
    The definition of IA: “Like building architects did for the industrial age, creating plans and blueprints for turning raw material into structures which enable us to work, play and live, information architects work in the “information age” and design, develop and plan structures and blueprints for digital spaces.”

IA 認同危機

  • IA Summit 2011: 討論 IA Summit 改名事宜 “… a discussion about what to call the summit. There was serious discussion that the name should be changed to the UX Summit.”
  • 認為IA與UX是處理同一問題的兩種不同觀點。『它們都同樣促進設計者與使用者雙方的關係: 一邊是產品或服務(網站)以及背後的作者設計者/產品服務提供者,另一邊是讀者使用者/消費者。UX著重於兩方交會之處,而IA著重於幫助「網站(產品)背後的人」組織他們所想所說,使它們更好的達成它們的目的與另一方建立關係。兩種專業都是成功的要素,但仍有些不同。』
    IA and UX are two fundamentally different disciplines that address the same issue from different perspectives. Both are working to facilitate a relationship between two parties, two users, if you will: the website, and the people behind the website, on the one hand, and the person using the website (or mobile device or book or what have you) on the other. User Experience is focused on the point where the two parties meet, while IA is focused on helping the “people behind the website” organize their thoughts, so to speak, so they have the best chance possible to build the kind of relationship they want with the people coming to the site. Both disciplines are essential for success—but they’re not the same thing.
  • 作者講述他與Lou Rosenfeld 同在 UM Information School下唸書的故事,Classic IA 如何在 Library school 與 engineering school 合併的緊張關係中被提出來。
  • Rosenfeld & Morville 認為 IA 不是圖形設計,不是軟體工程。但這件事情應該繼續被商榷。作者舉Alan Cooper 書中的例子,說明 Software Engineering 也試圖處理IA與介面設計問題。
  • 作者認為 IA 的衰落是從 Jesse James Garrett 的五層論,區分 IA 與 ID 開始。
  • 作者回顧資訊技術發展的歷史,認為應該結合IA與SA


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