Grouplens: an open architecture for collaborative filtering of netnews / Resnick, (1994)

Citation - Resnick, P., Iacovou, N., Suchak, M., Bergstrom, P., & Riedl, J. (1994). GroupLens: an open architecture for collaborative filtering of netnews. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the 1994 ACM conference on Computer supported cooperative work.

Keyword - Social filtering, Collaborative filtering, information filtering, electronic bulletin boards, netnews, user model, selective dissemination of information

  • 協同過濾幫助人們根據他人的意見做出選擇。
    Collaborative filters help people make choices based on the opinions of other people.
  • GroupLens 是一個網路新聞的協同過濾系統。此系統能幫助人們在大量文章中找到他們可能喜歡的。
    GroupLens is a system for collaborative filtering of netnews, to help people find articles they will like in the huge stream of available articles.
  • 新聞軟體會預估評分,讓使用者在閱讀後容易評量文章。評量系統 Better Bit Bureaus 會收集與呈現這些評分結果。
    News reader clients display predicted scores and make it easy for users to rate articles after they read them. Rating servers, called Better Bit Bureaus, gather and disseminate the ratings.
  • 評量系統的依據是:人們過往喜歡的文章,未來可能也會喜歡。
    The rating servers predict scores based on the heuristic that people who agreed in the past will probably agree again.
  • Users can protect their privacy by entering ratings under pseudonyms, without reducing the effectiveness of the score prediction.
  • The entire architecture is open: alternative software for news clients and Better Bit Bureaus can be developed independently and can interoperate with the components we have developed.


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“Netnews provides two mechanisms that help readers limit their attention to articles likely to interest them. First, the division of the bulletin board into newsgroups allows readers to focus on a few topics. When the number of postings in a newsgroup gets too large, it is often split into two or more newsgroups with identifiable subtopics. Second, some newsgroups are moderated. Attempted postings to these newsgroups are automatically forwarded to the moderator, who decides whether or not they belong in the newsgroup.”


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