Natural selection of academic papers / Perakakis, Taylor, Mazza & Trachana (2010)

Citation - Perakakis, P., Taylor, M., Mazza, M., & Trachana, V. (2010). Natural selection of academic papers. Scientometrics, 85(2), 553-559.

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  • 學術論文,就像基因一樣,為概念或技術創新編碼,進而構成與轉變科學有機體,並擴大到整個社會。
    Academic papers, like genes, code for ideas or technological innovations that structure and transform the scientific organism and consequently the society at large.
  • 基因是天擇過程的主體,確保適者生存,並成為物種的表現型態。
    Genes are subject to the process of natural selection which ensures that only the fittest survive and contribute to the phenotype of the organism.
  • 然而,學術論文的天擇過程,與自然有所不同。商業營利的出版商控制了科學資訊的評估與取用,以及隨後的知識傳佈與進步。
    The process of selection of academic papers, however, is far from natural. Commercial for-profit publishing houses have taken control over the evaluation and access to scientific information with serious consequences for the dissemination and advancement of knowledge.
  • 學術作者與圖書館員努力發展免費(自由)取用期刊、學術機構的自我典藏、以及全球性學科圖書館,作為替代的出版系統。
    Academic authors and librarians are reacting by developing an alternative publishing system based on free-access journals and self-archiving in institutional repositories and global disciplinary libraries.
  • 儘管有這些新興的發展趨勢,期刊仍然壟斷著學術社群,控制著論文選擇與設定學術標準。
    Despite the emergence of such trends, the journal monopoly, rather than the scientific community, is still in control of selecting papers and setting academic standards.
  • 我們主張一種動態且透明的同儕評閱,相信能讓學術加速轉變為一個完全開放且免費的科學環境,讓最適的概念得以延續。
    Here we propose a dynamical and transparent peer review process, which we believe will accelerate the transition to a fully open and free-for-all science that will allow the natural selection of the fittest ideas.