Citation - Ohniwa, R., Hibino, A., & Takeyasu, K. (2010). Trends in research foci in life science fields over the last 30 years monitored by emerging topics. Scientometrics, 85(1), 111-127.

Keyword -


  • 背景/動機:找出生命科學的新興研究主題。
  • 假定:
  • 方法:找出 出現率高度增加的關鍵字。擁有「共同關鍵字」被聚集成為一個主題,這些主題即「新興主題」
    • 將詞分為: Materials, Phenomenon, Diseases, Techniques, devices 五種主題
  • 資料:keywords selected from MeSH terms on PubMed
  • 發現:
    • The survey of the emerging keywords with high increment rates of appearance between 1972 to 2006 showed that emerging topics changed dramatically year by year, and that the major shift of the topics occurred in the late 90s; the topics that cover technical and conceptual aspects in molecular biology to the more systematic ‘-omics’-related and nanoscience-related aspects.
    • We further investigated trends in emerging topics within various sub-fields in the life sciences.



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