Metadata Interoperability and Standardization–A Study of Methodology Part I / Chan & Zeng (2006)

Citation - Chan, L. M., & Zeng, M. L. (2006). Metadata Interoperability and Standardization–A Study of Methodology Part I: Achieving Interoperability at the Schema Level. D-Lib Magazine, 12(6).

Keyword - Metadata


  • 背景/動機:
    • 網際網路資源與數位藏品的持續成長的同時,各種的詮釋資料架構(metadata schema)也同時激增。每一種詮釋資料架構都是基於特定的使用者社群的需求、其潛在使用者、素材類型、主題領域與專案需求而設計的。
      The rapid growth of Internet resources and digital collections has been accompanied by a proliferation of metadata schemas, each of which has been designed based on the requirements of particular user communities, intended users, types of materials, subject domains, project needs, etc.
    • 當人們要為各種不同格式(架構, schema)的詮釋資料建立大型數位圖書館或儲存庫時,便會產生整合上的問題。
      Problems arise when building large digital libraries or repositories with metadata records that were prepared according to diverse schemas.
  • 目的
    • 本文探討,建立或能改善互通性的詮釋資料架構與應用的分析方法,以促進跨領域詮釋資料的交換與聯合檢索。
      This article (published in two parts) contains an analysis of the methods that have been used to achieve or improve interoperability among metadata schemas and applications, for the purposes of facilitating conversion and exchange of metadata and enabling cross-domain metadata harvesting and federated searches.
  • 假定:(N/A)
  • 方法:(N/A)
  • 資料:(N/A)
  • 發現:
    • 從方法論的觀點,實作出互通性需要考慮到不同操作層次: 架構層、紀錄層、儲存庫層。
      From a methodological point of view, implementing interoperability may be considered at different levels of operation: schema level, record level, and repository level.
    • 在第一部分的文章中,我們說明建立或實作詮釋資料架構的可能狀況;包含個別典藏計畫或整合性儲存庫。本文也討論了在詮釋資料架構層次所使用的方法取向。
      Part I of the article intends to explain possible situations in which metadata schemas may be created or implemented, whether in individual projects or in integrated repositories. It also discusses approaches used at the schema level.
    • 在第二部分的文章中,我們將討論詮釋資料互通性在記錄層次與儲存庫層次的工作。
      Part II of the article will discuss metadata interoperability efforts at the record and repository levels.


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