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 +==Social Informatics==
 +**People:** [[people:​rob_kling]], ​
 +**Theoris:​** [[:Actor Network Theory]], [[:Genre Theory]], [[:​Structuration]] Theory, [[:Social Network Theory]], [[:Social Network Analysis]], [[:​Scoci-Technical_Interaction_Networks]]
 +**Course**: [[:​study:​social_informatics_2007_ntu]],​ [[:​study:​social informatics phd 2010 ntnu]]
 +* [[:​study:​Sismondo,​ S. (2004). An introduction to science and technology studies]]. Oxford, UK: Blackwell.
 +* Rob Kling Center for Social Informatics http://​rkcsi.indiana.edu/​
 +* http://​istheory.byu.edu/​wiki/​Main_Page