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 +== Reading habit [閱讀習慣]
 +所謂「閱讀習慣」(reading habit) ,主要是指讀者閱讀書籍所採取的態度,包括閱讀地點(where)、如何閱讀(how)、在何時閱讀(when)、喜好閱讀何種類型讀物(what)、哪些人在閱讀(who)。(([[:​study:​余芳珍. (2005). 閱書消永日|余芳珍(2005)。閱書消永日:良友圖書與近代中國的消閑閱讀習慣]][Reading for Pleasure: Young Companion (Liangyou) Publishing House in Modern China (1926-1941)]。思與言:人文與社會科學雜誌, 43(3),頁 191-282。 ))(P.200)
 +== Note 
 +* [[:​Reading]]
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 +* Guglielmo Cavallo and [[:​people:​Roger Chartier]], A History of Reading in the West (Amhers t: University of Massachusetts Press. 1999).
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