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 +== Hastily Formed Networks [應急網絡]==
 +為了完成大型、緊急任務,由來自於不同社群成員所迅速建立的網絡組織, 在一個共享的對話空間中一齊計畫、受命(commit to)、並執行行動。(修改自Denning 2006 五要素)
 +HFN 五要素(components)(([[:​study:​Denning,​ P. J. (2006). Hastily formed networks]]. Communications of the ACM, 49(4), 15-20.))(p.16):
 +* 迅速建立的人際**網絡**\\ <fs 75%>a network of people established rapidly </fs>
 +* 成員來自於**不同社群**\\ <fs 75%>from different communities,</​fs>​
 +* 在一個**共享的對話空間**中一齊工作\\ <fs 75%>​working together in a shared conversation space </fs>
 +* 他們在對話空間中**計畫,受命(commit to),並執行行動**\\ <fs 75%>in which they plan, commit to, and execute actions, </fs>
 +* 以完成**大型、緊急的任務**\\ <fs 75%>to fulfill a large, urgent mission.</​fs>​
 +HFN 不只是能運用先進網絡技術的組織,也要求以下能力(([[:​study:​Denning,​ P. J. (2006). Hastily formed networks]]. Communications of the ACM, 49(4), 15-20.))(p.17):
 +* 設置行動通訊與感測系統\\ <fs 50%>​Setting up mobile communication and sensor systems;</​fs>​
 +* 執行跨機構行動\\ <fs 50%>​Conducting interagency operations, sometimes called “civil-military boundary”;</​fs>​
 +* 協作行動計畫並協調執行\\ <fs 50%>​Collaborating on action plans and coordinating their execution;</​fs>​
 +* 改善\\ <fs 50%>​Improvising;</​fs>​
 +* 領導社會網絡,在社會網絡中的傳播與決策是去中心化的,並沒有一個階層式的指揮鍊或委派的領導人\\ <fs 50%>​Leading a social network, where communication and decision making are decentralized,​ and there is no hierarchical chain of command or ex officio leader.</​fs>​
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