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 +* RDFWeb 2000-2 ​
 +** hacker project of Libby Miller, Dan Brickley and our friends from the RDF Interest Group, W3C, RSS and XML tech scene. ​
 +** Used RDFS and DAML+OIL to document our work, ... as a means not an end. 
 +** Early themes: PGP, digital signature and trust, crawlers, linking, photo annotation.
 +===how is got big===
 +* Libby Miller’s Java/Squish RDF query tools 
 +* Edd Dumbill (of xml.com) wrote a nice article on IBM DeveloperWorks.com ​
 +* Leigh Dodds created foaf-a-matic script, Ian Davis (amongst other things) our logo 
 +* RDF IG community built some early apps 
 +* By 2003, Ecademy and TypePad exports ​
 +* In 2004, LiveJournal,​ Tribe, FOAFNet, ..
 +與其說是仔細規劃的產物,不如說是 XML技客間的充滿了技術性幽默的人際關係網路應用。