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-==Quotes 格言語錄 
 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
 +<WRAP round tip 80% center #dailyquotes>
 +{{randominc>:quotes&firstseconly&notags&nodate&noeditbtn&noreadmore&max-height: 300px}} 
-<box 80% round #ffc| 本日隨機格言> {{randominc>:quotes&indent&firstseconly&notags&nodate&noeditbtn&noreadmore&max-height: 300px}} </box>+==Quotes 格言語錄
-== 新增語錄 
 {{NEWPAGE:quotes}} {{NEWPAGE:quotes}}
-== 語錄集+<WRAP box 50% left> 
 ~~DIR?list&cols=page&noheader&tag=quotelist~~ ~~DIR?list&cols=page&noheader&tag=quotelist~~
----- +**Filter by tag**
 ~~TAGCLOUD>quotes~~ ~~TAGCLOUD>quotes~~