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 +== cultural typification ==
 +[[:​study:​Cooper,​ L. Z. (2004). The socialization of information behavior]]: A case study of cognitive categories for library information. The Library Quarterly, 74(3), 299-336.
 +<​code>​Typification 類型化,典型化,代表</​code>​
 +對相同的資訊,個人有自己的類型化,而社群亦有另一公共的類型化,而個人與社群對相同概念的歸類並不盡然相同。因此,Cooper (2004) 區分三種不同的類型化(typification)與歸類理解的層次:
 +* 特定個體的個人類型化(personal typification unique to the individual)
 +* 由社群互為主體性同意的文化類型化 (cultural typification agreed upon by community intersubjectivity)
 +* 整個社群共享特定觀點的類型化 (typifications of thought communities-- a group of individuals within the larger community who share a particular perspective)