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 +==Cognitive Psychology[認知心理學]==
 +* [[:​study:​Eysenck,​ M. W., & Keane, M. T. (2000). Cognitive Psychology]]:​ A Student'​s Handbook (4 ed.). Philadelphia,​ PA: Psychology Press.
 +** [中譯本] Eysenck, M. W.、Keane, M. T.(2003)。認知心理學:第四版(Cognitive Psychology: A Student'​s Handbook, 4 ed.)(高定國、蕭曉雲譯)。上海:華東師範大學出版社。
 +* [[:​study:​Gagne,​ E. D., Yekovich, C. W., & Yekovich, F. R. (1993). The cognitive psychology of schooling learning]] (2 ed.). New York: HarperCollins.
 +** [中譯本] Gagne, E. D.、Yekovich,​ C. W.、Yekovich,​ F. R.(1998)。教學心理學:​ 學習的認知基礎(The cognitive psychology of school learning, 2nd ed.)(岳修平譯)。台北:遠流出版社。